I hope you have enjoyed your journey into Planet Plankton. Leave behind your footprints ... if you feel inspired to!

Lemon in Flight
One Love

And come back soon, there will be fresh images appearing, random musings and blog updates.

Love your passion

Beautiful images and insightful, passionate articles - thanks for sharing
Alex Gibson

Great web site

I linked to your web through BSoUP, Laura - and was immensely impressed with the images and your ethos.
Paul Colley


Great to bump into you both on the South Bank and thought I'd drop a line to say how much I like the site! Fantastic content and photos, love the latest blog entry on the sharks and in particular the photo that accompanies it. Keep it up! :-)
James Halliwell

Wow - another world

Fabulous website!
(Sharon Carter)


Wonderful exciting stuff L
its great to see your work finally on show to the world
im sure everyone will be amazed by your adventures and passion for this other world you inhabit /:)
B x


Hey Laura, the website looks great, I particularly like the INK section, looking forward to more of those! :-)
JM x

We've known each other for many years (how lucky am I!) and it's wonderful to see your caring and creative personality shine through in this web site, a very personal work of art. Absolutely love it. Keep up the amazing work. Linda xo


What a fantastic website - wonderful photos, a warm and passionate feel to the whole thing. made me feel good :-) Absolutely fantastic. Good luck to you and Mark with the book.

(Trevor Pitts)


Great website Laura! Will be following it!

Love Karen xxx

Hi Laura

Love the site.

It's looking great - your pics have really really come on since we were last in touch (and they were good to start with!). best of luck with the book, and you KNOW you need some temperate water shots too so do come to Cornwall some time.

Miss you guys at the lake

(Sam Kirby)