Laura Storm is an accomplished and passionate wildlife photographer – quietly ambitious but nevertheless in hot pursuit of that perfectly captured moment in time! Laura grew up in Kenya, a land of incredible contrasts, where her love for adventure, extremes and wildlife flourished. It was in Africa that she first learned to dive at the age of 12.

Now a Trimix diver, she led the Angels Technical Dive Team through seven years of challenges, supporting a number of major International and National Freediving events, before disbanding in 2010 to pursue other dreams. She was awarded Diver Magazine’s ‘Buddy of the Year’ in 2006 for her contribution as a support diver.

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Her images have featured in Travel Photographer of the Year (2017 Awards | 2015 - Journey Eight), DIVER Print Competition (2017 Awards), The British and Irish Underwater Photography Championships (2017 Awards), Underwater Photographer of the Year (2017 Awards), the British Wildlife Photography Awards (Collection 6), Out of the Blue - The Prince of Wales's Commonwealth Environmental Photography Awards (2015) and the British Society of Underwater Photographers. You can view these photographs here, BILLBOARD.

Published work has appeared in numerous magazines, books and online including: Underwater Photography Magazine (UwP), In Focus (BSoUP), the Salt Sirens, Diver Magazine, WAVEFORM (Silvertip), Sport Diver, Gazette (John Lewis), BBC (news in-pictures), Port Macquarie News (Australia), the South London Press, Inside Sport Magazine (Australia),, Google Oceans, the Shark Trust and many more.

Her award-winning images have been exhibited around the world in Hong Kong, Malta, Seoul, Cape Town (Chavonnes Battery Museum), London and around the UK. 'Drops in the Ocean', her first solo exhibition is periodically on show in London at small gallery venues.

Among her other projects, she has acted as technical consultant for the diving scenes in Simon Mayo’s childrens' adventure book series, 'Itch'. Occasionally she is invited to present her images with talks about diving, conservation, underwater photography and her wildlife adventures to a variety of organisations, clubs and groups.

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Laura remains passionate and committed about wildlife conservation and is an active campaigner in the on-going global battle to stop shark finning. You can read more about her journey in an interview with Laura Storm .

In 2011 she was invited to collaborate with the Sylvia Earle Alliance and their Mission Blue project. She was involved in supporting Google Earth's 'Ocean Layer' as an ‘Explorer of the Oceans Story Contributor'. Her diverse contributory nodes can be found on the Google Earth Oceans platform in 'Hope Spots' such as the Galapagos and the Bahamas. Curated by Mission Blue, she has reportage nodes that span the globe from Kenya's Indian Ocean to Florida's hot springs, the Red Sea to the Mediterranean and from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coral Triangle gems of Indonesia and the Philippines.

She lives in London with her husband and favourite aquanaut, former British champion freediver, Mark Harris. In the space between exploration, their adventures and a great deal of plankton, they collaborate on bigger projects. One of which has been Glass and Water. - the Essential Guide to Freediving for Underwater Photography which you can read about here.

Laura is a member of the British Society of Underwater Photographers.

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